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Meat crate washers


Hygiene is a must in poultry meat processing plants.
There are a variety of products where meat is processed or carried in, and all of them must be fully cleansed and disinfected upon use.

With the UNIFORTES washing equipment you can lawasy find the solution that matches your capacity requirements, from 30 to 3000 products per hour.








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Images about egg washers, egg tray washers, palet & divider washers. Do you require more information? Let me know!

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Share your specific requirements with me and I will endeavour to define with you the equipment and process that offers you the best results at the lower operational costs


Once the equipment is delivered and installed, we will make sure that your staff is fully schooled so that you can profit from its optimal operation and performance.


Together with professional parties like UNIFORTES, FIDUCO, ELSTO and many others, we will put our knowledge and experience at your service.


We continuously endeavour to provide equipment and solutions that use the minimum possible of water and energy.

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