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Egg tray washing


The use of plastic 30 egg trays is increasing Worldwide driven by consumer and market demands for a produce (egg) that is safe and of higher quality.

Egg producers and processors also profit from the use of plastic egg trays as they help increase the effective capacity of their egg graders, packers and breakers, help reduce egg losses and also help reduce transportation costs.

The plastic egg trays need though to be washed after their use to help warrant the required hygiene and bio security.

Triplelima can place at your service a range of UNIFORTES egg tray washers with capacities varying from 500 to 8.000 trays per hour. You can always find the matching solution to your specific capacity requirements.

All units wash the trays individually (not in a batch) to warrant perfect cleaning and disinfection.
The UNIFORTES tray washers can operate stand-alone or in-line with your egg handling equipment.

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