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Sustainable Solutions for the Poultry Industry.

Profit from the experience and the equipment supplied by Triplelima to improve food quality, food safety, hygiene and biosecurity at the lowest operational costs.


Our core business is to provide industrial washing equipment and robot automation equipment to the following sectors of the Poultry Industry.

  • Egg producers and packers at farm level
  • Egg grading and packing plants
  • Egg breaking and pasteurizing plants
  • Poultry meat processing plants (abattoirs)
  • Hatcheries

The industrial washing equipment is designed to wash eggs, plastic egg trays, pallets, dividers, egg boxes, meat crates, meat containers, live bird transport crates, setter trays, hatcher baskets, chick boxes, trolleys, dollies and basically all types of products used in the poultry industry.

The robot palletizers, de-palletizers and other automation equipment are designed to increase the effective capacity of your egg grading, packing and breaking  machines, as well as the washing process of the plastic egg trays, pallets and dividers, in order to reduce your operational costs and to increase food safety.

We also supply MELSY egg lifters, specially designed to transfer eggs in a gentle and effective way.

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We are proud of the solutions we provide. Have a look at some examples.

Industrial washers

Industrial washers – manufactured by UNIFORTES bv in The Netherlands – are customized on the basis of the customer’s specific requirements and are designed to provide superior washing, disinfecting and drying results, yet allowing for an user friendly operation and low operation costs.

UNIFORTES washers are designed to work either stand alone or in-line with your egg packing, grading or breaking machine(s).

Washing of each product is done on individual base, not in batches or stacks, to warrant optimal washing and disinfection results.

UNIFORTES washers are available in various capacities to match your specific requirements. The washers are compact, very economical in their use of water and energy and can be provided in various set-ups to warrant their perfect integration into your working area.


ROBOTS & automation systems

Robot palletizers, de-palletizers and other automation equipment – provided by our partner ELSTO Smart Solutions – are also customized on the basis of the customer’s specific requirements and are designed to automate:

  • The palletization of trays with eggs at the farm packers
  • The loading of trays with eggs onto the egg grading and egg breaking machines
  • The loading of the dirty trays, pallets and dividers on the washing machines
  • The palletization of the clean trays, pallets and dividers after exiting the washing machines

…as well as…

the handling of other products used around the washing machines.

MELSY egg lifters

MELSY vacuum egg lifter is a modular* unit designed to handle the eggs very gently.

(*) Modular meaning that you can add on or subtract one row of cups to make it a bigger or smaller vacuum head.

With the MELSY egg lifter you can easily, quickly and safely transfer eggs from different sized trays to different sizes cartons, setter trays, etc.

You can also easily manually load egg graders and egg washers.

MELSY egg lifters are available in 6, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36 and 42 eggs per head.

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Carlos Magalhaes

Owner TripleLima B.V.

In 2010 I founded Triplelima bv with the objective to provide equipment and solutions that help poultry companies improve their operation, profitability and competitiveness in their specific market.

Professionals in the Poultry Industry characterize me as a passionate and a dedicated “solutions provider” with a detailed and practical approach combined with the drive and determination to help their poultry companies operate at their best, by promoting innovative and cost effective solutions.​

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